Roger Weir


Weir graduated University of Wisconsin under an engineering mentors scholarship with a double major in Philosophy and Political Science, minor in History. He selected four years graduate studies at San Francisco State with MA in Interdisciplinary Study (the only schools that offered a PhD in this field at the time were University of Chicago and Columbia).
He relocated to San Francisco where his combined higher learning merited equivalency to a PhD. In 1969 Professor, Poet, and Taoist Master Kai-yu Hsu bestowed to Weir a Taoist calligraphy scroll to expand his western degrees. Hsu was head of the World Literature Department and a Humanities professor, one of several spirit family members who joined Weir’s path along The Great Way.



Weir holds what he refers to as a High Dharma Maha-Raja Yoga, refining his work over 40 years to get it ready. He designed a new interdisciplinary department and taught at the Invitation of Mount Royal College (Calgary, Alberta, Canada). The 1970 college was first of its kind, designed without walls, with an architectural and sociological experimental effort of learning. This learning experiment had large impacts on the community, including having the first Blackfoot Nation College Graduates in the history of the school. In 1977 Weir took this new education to Northrop University at the invitation of then President B.J. Shell to expand their departments, but the school’s cut funding suspended it indefinitely. He left institutional education to teach privately in Los Angeles and refine the Learning to its final phase for worldwide dissemination.
The Weir Library, a 90,000-volume research library—likely one of the last great private libraries—that Weir continues to expand, supports the scholarship for this education. Weir also continues to expand The Learning Civilization©™ by providing new series LIVE every Saturday (see LIVE page). SPF supports these free. The lectures are also recorded for students to view weekly on USTREAM, enhancing their learning experience. The public is also welcome. Weir recommends TLC as first Learning how to learn towards a 21st century Real.


Educator-Guide ROGER WEIR has named our emerging specie group Homo sapiens stellaris: Star Wisdom Man. Weir received a letter of tenure in 1974 for University level higher learning. He created TLC to assist participants in meeting 21st century challenges necessary to transform our humanity to an interstellar population. Weir’s background includes creating University departments and classes comprising a cutting edge approach to learning from the beginning of his own education (Weir was a prize teaching assistant while in college). He calls this education a Differential Consciousness Learning Ecology©™ (ecology meaning the conscious scientific study of living organisms and their relationship to each other and their surroundings), a new breakthrough discovery based on differential calculus entitled The Learning Civilization©™. This is differentially distinct from merely mental methods of integrals only.

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