DIFFERENTIATING EDUCATION. Shared Presence Foundation (SPF) looks for opportunity outside of current study in which it can create an important benefit to society without limits to subject fields or their specialization. Our nonprofit is dedicated to The Learning Civilization©™, a new Learning form. SPF serves members and participants whose primary interest is The Learning Civilization©™ and Differential Consciousness Learning Ecology©™ in offerings and services as a wisdom based ecological league oriented to the Interstellar (league meaning a collection of people, countries, or groups for a particular purpose of mutual collaboration). Our endeavors inquire into Wisdom as a continuum of unlimited differential Learning, and benefit members and in turn the community at large.



A 90,000 volume research library backs the scholarship supporting this learning. The Weir Library (which includes exceptional rare books and first editions) was created and curated by Roger Weir, with funding from Laurance S. Rockefeller and Roger’s wife Nesa Weir. Foundation seed funding was provided by Lord Northampton.

The Trustees have known Roger Weir for decades and are excited to serve the Foundation’s launch of this dedicated endeavor to his work. With guidance and TLC expansions provided by Roger Weir, overseeing direction is Co-Founding Trustee and CEO Nesa Weir alongside Trustee Will Alexander (a renowned Penn and National Book Award winning author) accompanied by Trustee Darrel Whitehead, assisted by our support team, advisers, and voluntary student participation.



SPF looks for unique opportunities where Foundation funds and scholarship gifts can advance a significant planetary interest more specifically in areas of Conscious Science, and learning how to Learn Differential Consciousness with our Hermetic Western Wisdom Heritage and the major Eastern Heritages. There is much to be known about new vision and theories, not only found in labs, but often emerge from beyond ‘the limiting edges’. The Foundation aims to collaborate with others towards conducting research on Roger Weir’s original science pertaining to Differential Consciousness Learning Ecology©™ and to continue to expand/disseminate this new Learning to assist others in developing the necessary capacities to meet challenges we face in a 21st century and beyond.



The mission of SPF is to also educate the public by providing context that fosters understanding of its important role and impact on current and historic events of our interstellar future, from this solar system and beyond. SPF is an apolitical organization. Our mission is further dedicated to the Learning’s expansions for persons regardless of race, age, religion, practice, or location. The Foundation recognizes that a Differential Consciousness Ecology©™ is our new scalar necessary for the Interstellar Frontier.

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